Information systems audit

IS audit is conducted during a comprehensive IT audit and aims to determine the level of compliance of hardware and software complexes and the current needs of the business.

Audit of information systems is necessary in such cases:
  • Outdated hardware and/or software.
  • Plans to switch to another (or a new version of the old) software with different requirements.
  • There are problems integrating existing equipment with services and applications.
  • The current IS does not cope with the demands of growing business.
  • It is necessary to assess the quality of modernization of IT-infrastructure.
Information systems audit provides answers to such questions:
  • To what extent does the IS support the chosen business strategy?
  • How to make the best use of hardware and software resources?
  • How many resources are consumed by the current IS?
  • How to reduce the cost of ownership and modernization of the IP?
  • How to speed up information processes in the enterprise?
  • How is the IS protected from cyber threats and other external factors?
  • What bugs and bottlenecks in the IS hinder business development?
Information systems audit

Timely internal audit of information systems

It will allow to rationally use the potential of the IS, reduce the cost of its maintenance, help avoid serious technical problems in the future, reduce the risk of financial losses and make the company more competitive by accelerating business processes.

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