Where are servers used?

Server systems are used to optimize and improve business. What functions the server performs and in what areas it is used - we will consider in the framework of today's article.

What is a server

The server is a special computer that functions in the organization's IT system and provides certain services over the network to other connected devices.

The main principle of the server complex is automation and reliability. Its work occurs independently and manual control is not required. It is only necessary to perform its initial configuration and periodically perform hardware and technical maintenance of the equipment.

The server operation algorithm is as follows:

the user sends a request to execute a specific command;
the signal is sent to the server and processed;
information is displayed on the monitor according to the installed software.

In other words, the server processes user commands for their correct implementation. In practice, this looks like some kind of intermediate stage between actions and the corresponding program response to them.

Server usage

The purpose of the server is to provide access to information to third parties. As an example, we can cite a CRM system where, using a server, all employees connected to the network work in it. The system also allows simultaneous operation and interaction of subscribers located in different cities and countries. In this case, users can function with shared Internet resources, database, office applications, and so on.

Depending on what functions the organization performs, there are several types of servers:

Identity server. This complex is used to provide the subscriber with controlled access to the network. This is done by individually entering a login and password every time you need to start your work in the system.
File sharing server. The task of such a service is to optimally place all documents used by employees in accordance with their needs. Access to some files may be restricted due to their specific specialization for a particular user.
Print server. This server allows all workstations to operate the printing equipment connected to it. To date, this complex is rarely used. Modern MFPs are connected directly to the network and have the appropriate functionality - network printers.
web server. A web application server is needed when an organization uses a site or programs that need access to a large number of employees from different platforms. A working application is installed in the system and users, connecting to the local network, access it using one of the Internet content browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
Mail server. If a mail server is installed in the company, then all notifications first come to it, and then are distributed to the employees of the organization. The same thing happens when employees send emails to a third-party recipient. First they arrive at the server, and then he sends them to the recipients.
FTP server. This server is used for the exchange of documents, the process of which is carried out using an Internet connection.
Database server. Systems of this type are used to organize data that use applications installed on other PCs.
RDP server. These are remote access servers that allow you to use the office LAN from anywhere with Internet access. In other words, it provides access to all office resources remotely.
game server. This type of server systems is used by companies that specialize in the development and support of online games. In this case, all actions of users and the exchange of information between them is carried out through game servers.

Depending on the activities of the organization, a certain server complex is installed. For stable and uninterrupted operation, equipment for these purposes must withstand a large amount of load and have a high level of performance.


The northern system is widely used in many enterprises and commercial firms. It is a reliable data storage and allows employees to access web resources located on it at any time of the day.

Using the server helps to solve a number of essential tasks:

effective organization of the working space of the company;
storing backup copies of important information;
creation of optimal gaming and commercial platforms;
implementation of centralized management of printers;
development and testing of web applications;
creating your own e-mail service or office messenger.

Organizations that use a reliable server complex have stable operation of hardware and software, are protected from virus penetrations, guarantee effective cooling and uninterrupted power supply.